AD3DEDGE Plus - Advanced Program in 3D Animation


576 hours*

Remember the cartoons that sparked your imagination as a kid? The ones with captivating characters and stories that seemed to leap off the screen. Now imagine bringing those stories to life yourself.

MAAC’s AD3DEDGE Plus is your gateway to making that dream a reality. This comprehensive program dives deep into the world of animation, equipping you with the filmmaking techniques and cutting-edge skills to create your own captivating worlds.

Course Overview

Ever dreamt of creating your own animated worlds?

AD3D EDGE Plus takes you on a comprehensive journey through the entire animation filmmaking process, from brainstorming ideas (pre-production) to polishing your masterpiece (post-production). We equip you with the latest software and cutting-edge skills used in the industry today, including Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Blackmagic Fusion and Autodesk MotionBuilder.

This program is your perfect launchpad to:

  • Master essential skills: Storyboarding, cinematography, video editing, look development, and digital sculpting.
  • Become job-ready: Land your dream career in animation studios, graphic design houses, and gaming studios.
  • Specialize your expertise: Choose from modelling & texturing, lighting & shading, or animation after graduation.
Course Content
  • Pre-production
  • Storyboarding
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Digital Design
  • Sound Editing
  • 3D Design and Modelling
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Look Development
  • Lighting and Rendering
  • Fluid, Hair & Cloth FX
  • Character Setup & Skinning
  • Character Animation
  • Real-time Graphics
Software Covered
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Audition
  • Autodesk® 3ds Max®
  • Autodesk® Maya®
  • Autodesk® Mudbox®
  • Adobe Substance 3D Painter
  • Autodesk® MotionBuilder®
  • Fusion
  • Unreal
Career Options
  • 3D Modelling Artist
  • Lighting Artist
  • Texture Artist
  • Render Artist
  • Character Animator
  • Layout Artist
  • Digital Sculpting Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Video Editor
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • FX Artist
  • 3D Generalist
  • 3D Visualizer
Elective Specialisation Options

Elective Specialisation helps you to improve your skills and expertise, thereby also resulting in better results with high level of efficiency. AD3D EDGE PLUS offers Elective Specialisation for you in the course structure.

You can choose to become a specialist in the following module of your choice:

  • Modelling & Texturing Specialization
  • Lighting Specialization
  • Animation Specialization

1. Modelling & Texturing course content

  • Art & Technical Aesthetics
  • Stylised Character
  • Realistic Character
  • Low Poly Character for Games
  • Digital Sculpting
  • Inorganic Modelling

Software covered

  • Autodesk® Maya®
  • Zbrush

2. Lighting course content

  • Fundamentals of CG Lighting, Design & Colour Theory
  • Lighting Environments
  • CG Lighting & Use of Shader
  • Production Tips & Tricks
  • Advance Shaders

Software covered

  • Autodesk® Maya®

3. Animation course content

  • Animation Foundation
  • Basic Performance Animation
  • Character Animation & Body Dynamics
  • Advanced Performance Animation

Software covered

  • Autodesk® Maya®

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