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Ready to step up your career trajectory in creative media? Step into the realm of boundless possibilities where imagination meets innovation.
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Whether you’re a zesty beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, our courses are designed to match up with the ever-changing industry trends.

Why Choose 3D Animation?

A Gateway to Immersive Opportunities
Whether you dream of working in films, the advertising industry, or gaming, mastering this course gives you an upper hand in the entertainment industry.
Master the Tools of the Trade
This course will help you become the Jack-of-all-trades, by giving you the needed exposure to the tools used by professionals in film, advertisements, and gaming.

What to Expect from the Course?

Making parallels meet: From crafting cinematic worlds to bringing life to the inanimate, you’ll get to learn the secrets of texturing, lighting, and rendering to create an immersive environment that transports viewers to a fanatical world.

Basics to Brilliance: Delve into the fundamentals of 3D modeling principles, which set the tone for elevating to advanced techniques.

What Makes us a Good Option to Start With?

With over more than a decade long experience in dealing with the unimaginable, MAAC fosters an environment of thriving in the competitive world with its vibrant community of artists and instructors. Beyond this, with our industry-focused curriculum, hands-on projects, and personalized feedback mechanism we have managed to equip hundreds of individuals to realize their dreams.

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Benefits to Enhance Your Learning Experience with MAAC

Networking Opportunities

Joining our institute opens up a world of opportunities to build professional ties with our affiliate industry professionals, alumni, and mentors alike who can accelerate your career growth.

Access to Resources

As a student of our institute, you’ll have access to the resources available in the form of premium software licenses; and in-house libraries of textures and tools.

Hands-on Experience

With some of the most learned instructors next to you, the pleasure of actively working on live animation projects would be immense. Their insights, feedback, and tips are invaluable in breaking the barriers for you.

Our 3D Animation Programs

Whether you are starting from scratch as a beginner or looking to hone your skills, we offer a variety of 3D animation courses at our institute in Ghaziabad branch:


This is a comprehensive course package that covers everything associated with the filmmaking process right from the brainstorming ideas to the post-production stage.


This course integrates aspects of motion to the inanimate objects to give an appearance of coming to life.


This course gets you a step closer to the technical aspects of the animation that goes behind the scenes besides adding life to characters.

A Career in 3D Animation

The world of 3D animation abounds in immense scope in the upcoming years given the surge in the exponential demand for its applications across avenues like filmmaking, gaming, and digital promotions. From strategizing the detailing in VFX-ridden movies to short movies, 3D animation artists play a crucial role in breaking barriers of the conventional world entities.

Here are a few career avenues that one can pursue with a hands-on 3D animation qualification:

  • 3D Modeller: They are involved in making the 3d models of the props or characters used readily in animation projects
  • VFX artists: They are responsible for creating visual effects, using the 3d technique, for anything in the digital space from films, commercials, and serials.
  • Game animators: They work in collaboration with game designers to create animations for gaming characters and turn them into life.
  • Educator: With an exceptional background in 3D animation, one can also expect a decent career opportunity as a professional instructor.

Checkout Our Student Works:

At our MAAC animation Ghaziabad branch, we place great emphasis on the virtue of self-paced learning and thereby foster a culture that reflects the enthusiasm of the learners. Our students left no opportunity to amaze us with the kind of zeal they show when delivering their projects and the amount of detailing shows their technical aptitude at work.

Here’s a glimpse into what one can expect to achieve through our programs:

Take a first-hand experience of this journey by becoming a witness to the exceptional work put in by our students.

How MAAC Creates Differentiation?

Join The Best 3D Animation Institute in Ghaziabad

Ready to take your passion for 3D animation to a higher level? Join MAAC Ghaziabad today and benefit from the insights of our industry veterans, expert instructors, and cutting-edge software licenses. Enrol now and bring your imagination to life. Drop in your queries related to the most suited curriculum at your convenience, and we’ll get back with the responses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best course in animation at MAAC?

Advanced Program in 3D Animation, 3D Animation Filmmaking course, and Animation and Filmmaking course are three courses offered by MAAC under 3D Animation category. All these courses are excellent choices for making a superb career in animation. You can join the course as per your preference and convenience.

What are the best 3D Animation courses for beginners?

There are several 3D Animation courses available for beginners. You can join any 3D Animation course at MAAC after completing class 12. Visit your nearest MAAC center for a free career counselling on the best 3D Animation courses for beginners.

Are there any short term animation courses at MAAC?

Yes, MAAC offers a short term animation course that covers topics like animation foundation, character animation, basic performance animation, and advanced performance animation. The short term animation course can be completed within 8 months.

What is the actual fees for animation courses?

Different types of animation courses are offered at MAAC. The fees vary from course to course and from center to center. To know the actual animation course fee, visit your nearest MAAC center.

Can I join animation courses at MAAC after completing class 10?

No, the minimum eligibility criteria to join animation courses at MAAC is class 12th pass.

What are the steps to create an animation?

Numerous steps are involved in creating animation. Concept, story boarding, texturing, rigging, and lighting are some of the major steps involved in creating animation.

How long does it take to make 3D Animation?

Generally, it takes around 6 weeks to make a 60-90 seconds animation. However, the actual time depends on how difficult or simple the film is.