Augmented & Virtual Reality

Level Up Your Creativity with AR & VR!

Dive headfirst into the world of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) with MAAC. Explore the cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing user experiences. Master the latest tools and software to create in-demand content for the ever-evolving realm of VR, AR, and Mixed Reality (MR).
Join our AR/VR course today and:

  • Unlock your creative potential: Learn how to build immersive worlds that engage and captivate audiences.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: Master the latest technologies shaping the future of entertainment, education, and more.
  • Shape the future: Be a part of the growing demand for skilled professionals in the AR/VR industry.

Don’t just imagine it, create it!

Augmented & Virtual Reality Course


Program in Immersive Design

Dive deep into the world of VR with a dedicated specialization module, exploring immersive experiences, app development, and the exciting realm of VR gaming.

Fresh out of 12th and love AR/VR? Launch your career with MAAC’s post-grad programs. Master in-demand skills for the booming VFX and animation industry.


Where can I learn Augmented Reality during lockdown?

To learn Augmented Reality during lockdown, you can stay at home and fill in the student enquiry form. Our career counsellor will call you for a free career counselling. Attend the free career counselling at MAAC and get all details related to AR VR courses and enrolment procedure at MAAC. Online classes at MAAC offered the same course curriculum and provided the same classroom experience.

What is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality add the ability to change our perception of looking at the world. Virtual reality is a complete immersion experience where users are completely transported into real world and imaginary environments. Augmented Reality on the other hand, adds digital elements to the current reality by using a smartphone camera.

Where will I get the best Augmented Reality training in Mumbai?

There are several institutes in and around Mumbai that offers Augmented Reality training. MAAC is one of the best institutes offering augmented and virtual reality courses in Mumbai.

Which are the best augmented reality courses at MAAC?

MAAC offers Advanced Program in Interactive Design and Games and Program in Virtual and Augmented Reality as a part of its Augmented Reality program. You can join a course best suited as per your preference and convenience.

What are the top virtual reality courses available?

There are several Virtual Reality courses available in different media and filmmaking institutes. MAAC offers an exclusive course called Program in Virtual and Augmented Reality, which is one of the best VR courses.

What are the job opportunities for VR artist are available?

Some of the job opportunities available after completing a VR course are Demo Artist, Editor, VR Unity Developer, Modelling and Texturing Artist, Animator, Rigging Artist, and Rendering Artist.

Will MAAC provide me with placement after completing AR and VR courses?

MAAC has a dedicated placement cell that assist students that provides training in latest skills and career development training and prepare students to appear for job interviews.

What is the duration of Augmented and Virtual Reality courses at MAAC?

There are two courses offered under Augmented and Virtual Reality program at MAAC, i.e., ADIDG and VAR Plus. Duration of ADIDG program is 576 hours and duration of VAR Plus program is 288 hours.

Will I get internship opportunity during the course?

You will get to attend workshops and seminars during the course. After the course, you will be assisted by MAAC’s placement cell to connect with recruiters and appear for job interviews.

Can I pay MAAC course fees in installment?

You can visit your nearest MAAC center to enquire about available fee payment options and installment facilities. MAAC offers easy payments/flexi payment facilities.

What is the exact fee amount for augmented and virtual reality courses at MAAC?

Course fees at MAAC varies on the basis of course type and course duration. To know the exact augmented and virtual reality course fees, visit your nearest MAAC center.