Fast-track your creative career with MAAC's short courses!

Master the latest tools and techniques in animation, VFX, design, gaming, and more in just 8 months. Whether you’re fresh out of school or looking for a career change, MAAC’s industry-focused programs can equip you with the skills you need to succeed.

Work with industry-standard software like Adobe Creative Suite, Autodesk Maya, and more, and build a strong portfolio to showcase your talent. Launch your creative journey today!

Short Term Courses

Design Viz Pro

Design & Visualize: Concept to Creation! Master the entire process, from vision to stunning visuals. Learn, interactive design, video editing & lighting. Conquer industry software: AutoCAD & Unity.

Digital Photography

Anyone Can Be a Photographer! This course unlocks stunning photos for beginners & enthusiasts. Learn composition, editing, & lighting. Capture memories or launch your career.


This course equips you to create characters from scratch! Master animation fundamentals, body design, and industry skills. Launch your animation career with confidence.

Compositing Plus

VFX Power-Up! Level Up Your Skills. Master in-demand techniques: digital design, match moving, compositing & more. Conquer industry software: Photoshop, Fusion, Mocha, Nuke.

Modelling & Texturing

Become a 3D Character Design Hero! Craft captivating characters for the big screen. Master anatomy, sculpting, and industry software like ZBrush.


Light Up Your Animation! Master lighting to elevate your 3D creations.  This course unlocks stunning visuals and deepens your animation skills. 

Digital Filmmaking

Filmmaker Ready: Script to Screen in One Course! Learn hands-on skills: pre-production, editing, sound design, stop-motion. Master industry software: Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro.
Become a filmmaker! Launch your studio or join the pros.

Advanced Compositing

VFX Masters Wanted: Advanced Compositing Techniques

Master high-end compositing: rotoscoping, 3D projection, live-action & more.  Land your dream VFX career: production artist, designer, and more. 

Looking to jumpstart your creative journey after 12th?

Look no further than MAAC’s extensive range of short-term courses. Explore the exciting world of filmmaking, photography, animation, and VFX, and gain valuable industry-relevant skills in a focused timeframe.

Explore your options:

  • Animation: Breathe life into your ideas with courses in character design, 3D animation, and more.
  • Digital Filmmaking: Master the art of storytelling through camera techniques, editing, and post-production.
  • MAX Pro & MAYA Pro: Gain expertise in industry-leading software for 3D animation and visual effects.

Lighting: Learn the secrets behind professional lighting setups for film, photography, and animation.


Are there any short term courses in VFX and Animation?

To know everything about short term courses in animation and Visual Effects, attend free career counseling. Our career counselor will provide you with all course related details.

What is the duration of a short term course in animation?

Course duration at MAAC varies depending upon course type and number of classes required to complete the curriculum. To know exactly about duration of short term animation course, get in touch with our career counselor.

What is the eligibility criteria to join MAAC’s short term animation course?

You need to be class 12th pass to be eligible to join a skill enhancement course or short term animation courses at MAAC.

What is the duration of short-term digital photography course at MAAC?

The duration of short term digital photography course is around 40hrs.

Are short term animation and multimedia courses applicable only to professionals?

No, short term animation and multimedia courses are applicable to both professionals and beginners. Both can join these short term animation and multimedia courses at MAAC. Minimum eligibility criteria to join is class 12th pass.

What kind of job opportunities are available for digital filmmakers in India?

Animator, Modelling Artist, Lighting Artist, and Digital Designer are some of the job opportunities available for digital filmmakers in India.

Is there any job guarantee after studying a fast track animation and filmmaking course?

MAAC does not guarantee job placements. Placements are at the discretion of the recruiters.

What are the software taught in compositing course at MAAC?

The software taught in compositing course at MAAC are Fusion, Nuke, Photoshop, Silhouette, Mocha, Adobe After Effects, and PFTrack.

Which is the best MAAC centre to join multimedia course?

All MAAC centres are equipped with latest animation tools and software. You can enquire with your nearest centre for short term multimedia course offerings.