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Ready to witness the world with the click of a camera shutter!! Step into the realm of endless opportunities with the perfect frame. Welcome to the MAAC’s vibrant course in video editing, which brings you closer in mastering the art of possessing bird’s eye view. Whether it’s your first encounter with a camera or a seasoned enthusiast, this course covers all your needs to match-up with the ever-changing industry trends.

What to expect from the course??

Mastering the fundamentals of Video Editing
Our course covers everything from the fundamentals of non-linear video editing to mastering the fanatical world of putting out some breathtaking imageries.
Crafting enchanting time lapses for the video sequences
The course curriculum traverses along the post-production workflow majoring into the aspects of assembling, fine cutting, picture locking and delivering the final cut for the edits. It covers the in-depth analysis of the picture elements including the shots, pauses and titles.

What makes us a good alternative to start with?

With over years of pragmatism showcased through our work, MAAC always sets the bar high for both its learners and the mentors alike, which allows it to thrive in this competitive world. Beyond this, our ability to blend most potent and trendiest topics related to camera tricks and its maneuvering brings the most out of the learning curriculum. Not limiting to this, we promote learners to participate in workshops taking them closer to the discrete range of photographic conditions, locations and the tonality of the shots. Enroll now to add an element of aesthetics in your video editing journey and get your seats reserved!

What gives Video Editing Course an edge?

Choosing the right graphic design institute is a crucial decision. Here's what sets us apart from the competition:

Key Opportunities to Start your Journey with MAAC

Flexible Learning Opportunities

Our course curriculum is crafted in a way that it offers flexibility in the mode of selecting the desired schedule of learning.  This allows the learners to schedule their work preferences in accordance with the batches.

Alumni Network

The curriculum not just offers career services and job placements but also promotes a concoction of professionals who already work with some of the renowned marketing agencies, ad agencies and other media houses. Our institute widens the horizons of potential learners by bringing them closer to the professional world by and making them job-ready from the early stage.

Certifications and Accreditations

Our course completion certifications are highly recognized across industries offering the leverage to begin an illustrious career in the media & entertainment industry among others. Some of the recent affiliations forged with the reputed employers in the industry helped us retaining the top notch talents and bagging promising positions across industries.

Programs covered in Video Editing

At MAAC, our offerings for the video editing course come in the module of 3 different programs which are:

Fundamental Video editing program

This module primarily covers the fundamentals of video editing with an overview of the basic editing techniques involving cutting, trimming, adding transitions and enhancing proficiency on industry-standard software like Adobe premiere pro, Final Cut Pro among others.

Advanced Program in Video Editing

This program further delves deeper into the more sophisticated aspects of editing including color grading and motion graphics for gaining a sense of achieving cinematic looks for the desired goal. Also, the program covers the basics of VFX and binding those special effects into the video projects using green screen technology and other complex animations.

Specialized Program in Audio & Sound Design

A video without showing any sync with the audio track makes the best of the efforts go in vain. This led us to include sound design and music editing as a major component of our video editing course. The program includes sound programming techniques that include creating sound effects, soundscapes and performing audio mixing for creating custom soundtracks. At the end of this program, one becomes familiar with the task of creating custom soundtrack and embedding audio plugins.

A career in Video Editing Profile

As a general rule of thumb, every skilled workforce is interested get beforehand understanding of the perks and dividends associated with any profession. However, unlike other contemporary career paths the opportunities that comes along post the completion of this course cuts across the various industries making it one of the trendiest career choices. Here is a list of the potential career choices-:

  • News Video Editor-: The roles associated with this profile requires editing raw footages and transform them into consumable news segments ready to be spread across news channels and online portals alike. The scope for this role lays in abundance in the News Industry, television networks and media houses.
  • You Tube Content Creator: Creating video content for the branded or promotional content on the social media platforms is one of the key areas that require resourcefulness of this profile. Also, if someone is eager to explore in the areas of influencer marketing, niche content creation and affiliate marketing then this is surely a thing.
  • Broadcast engineer:  Unlike the other two profiles, this offers a more technical side of the video editing role wherein the core technicalities involving signal transmission and video editing is analyzed.  The industries that require such skilled resource include television networks, live event management companies and radio stations.

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