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Are you someone who gets mesmerized by the larger-than-life action sequences that glue the audiences to their seats!! If yes, then a career in Visual Effects (VFX) would bring unleash the potential within you to bring the fantasy world alive. MAAC, being an institute lying at the frontiers of the technology change, understands the true potential of VFX in the contemporary industry segments. That’s the reason behind MAAC launching some exclusive courses in on VFX to cultivate someone into a professional VFX artist. Kick start your journey as a VFX artist and get a firsthand access to the immense career opportunities that lie ahead post the completion of this course!

Why Choose MAAC Animation Institute in Ghaziabad for the VFX Course?

With VFX capturing a majority of the market stake in Media & Entertainment Industry, it has become equally important for the aspirants to get acquainted with the most recent industry trends. MAAC institute through its years of extensive work has built a diverse portfolio straddling across some of the major courses including graphics, animation, filmmaking and VFX. This makes MAAC as one of the viable choices for pursuing a career in this industry.

Moreover, we do understand that making a choice for your career is a tough call; so here is a cue that makes you understand what sets us apart:

Industry-focused curriculum
Our curriculum constantly stays abreast with the most recent technology trends making way in the Media & Entertainment industry. This lets our students leverage their skills in relation to the skills at demand than juggling with obsolete patterns.
Professionals from in-house studios
We pay special attention to the on boarding of our permanent as well as the guest instructors who hail from some of the most reputed VFX and design studios. Moreover, they’ll not simply dry run the skills rather would encourage to exhibit a unique design skill.
Collaborative ecosystem
Staying competitive is an essential trait especially when more than individual a combined effort of team is associated with a project’s success. Thus, MAAC fosters a highly collaborative environment to give a room for constructive feedback.
Placement assistance
We recognize the talents of our in-facility artists and offer a holistic hand-holding experience through counseling sessions and sharing referrals with the renowned agencies and giving a career leap.

What to expect from this course?

Our VFX institute in Ghaziabad believes in carving holistic development for someone pursuing this course by combining theoretical knowledge with the practical know-how.

Here’s a list of the skill enhancements that one can expect from this course:

  • Pre visualization and Storyboarding: You can master the skill of sequencing of events that form the part of the entire visual effect timeline. This include the narration of the individual frames and planning the action and responses for each frame.
  • Proficiency in Technical Skills: Learn to harness the industry specific software products such as Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya and Nuke.
  • Composition techniques: Course also covers the nitty-gritty of performing composition maneuvers involving of images and video sources to give an impression of special effects.
  • Lighting and rendering: Learn the fundamentals of lighting and rendering of visuals when subjected to stylized effects. This include filming some visual sequences against the green screen to give an altered effect.

How to expand your learning curve with MAAC?

Here are the ways aspiring artists can benefit from the VFX course offered by MAAC Ghaziabad-:

Portfolio Development Support

Portfolio reflects the forte of work delivered by individual learner that may include any project simulating the real-world scenario. We help students in putting their best foot forward by constantly reviewing their work to stand at par with the market standards.

Hands-on projects

One can witness the freedom of experimenting with their own visual effects sequence when performing live projects on the industry-specific projects. By this we encourage a cohesive exchange of ideas between the learner and the mentor.

Guest Lectures

One can expect a seamless learning experience from the insights coming straight through the industry veterans, VFX artists and studio owners. Offering guest lectures, master classes and workshops gives know-how of the VFX production techniques, workflows and best practices.

VFX Programs Offered by Us

Whether you’re someone unversed with the VFX world or a trained graphic artist, we’ve got your back in addressing all your challenges! To better organize the stages and end objective of the course, it is further classified into 3 programs namely:


This course serves as the first milestone towards initiating the journey of brewing the magic behind stunning movie scenes. This course offers the fundamentals of VFX software and techniques used in the media & entertainment industry. This course module covers bringing familiarity with the software products including Mocha, Fusion and After Effects. Start your dazzling journey with this course as the first step.


This program marks the graduation point of a learner appears for the advanced artistry in visual effects. This transitioning from raw footage to mind boggling animated footages equips anyone with the required VFX skills and hands-on aptitude for working on tools like Maya, Substance Painter and Houdini.

Compositing & Editing Plus

Compositing & Editing covers the last leg of the VFX course by giving final touch during the post production requirements of the project. This program covers the different approach of achieving compositing and editing given the requirements of the scene as well as the tricks associated with camera usage.

A Career in Visual Effects (VFX) Course

In this era of rapid digital transformation, demand for VFX artists has skyrocketed with a diverse pool of career opportunities in this domain.  This trending domain has prevailed across the other industry segments in the contemporary times which make it an even viable option for making career choice. To name a few, here is a list of lucrative career options that one may consider when aspiring for this course:

  • Media & Entertainment Industry:  This industry serves as a fertile ground to someone looking to start their career in a flashy manner. The industry welcomes compositing artists as one of the key resources for blending live action sequences with Computer Graphics Imagery (CGI).  The role demands exception aptitude in using tools like Nuke and After Effects.
  • Gaming Industry: As VFX artist, gaming industry welcomes professional having the ability to visualize visual effects for immersive video game to enhance the experience in a dynamic multiplayer environment.
  • Advertising & Marketing Industry:  This industry abounds opportunity for VFX artists as Motion Graphics Designer, who are responsible for designing eye catching motion graphics and animated visual for the brand advertisements and subliminal marketing. Several brand campaigns pay close attention to their rich imageries for creating lasting brand awareness. Proficiency in motion graphics software like Cinema 4d and Adobe after Effects is expected.

Student’s Portfolio

At our MAAC animation facility in Ghaziabad, we believe in fostering a culture of imparting skill transfer through rigorous practical workshops and encourage the learners of the same. Students exhibit their best of the works through compilation of their projects that reflect the degree of technical aptitude and design skills of the professionals.  Here’s a glimpse into what one can expect from our programs:

We invite you to witness the work laid out by our students-:

How MAAC Animation creates a Differentiation with its VFX Course?

Making the first step correct of choosing the right institute for graphic designing is essential. Here are the reasons stating what sets us apart:

Be a Part of the Premier VFX Institute in Ghaziabad

Ready to take you artistic journey to another level!!  Witness the zeal of adding your element to the visual effects sequence with our VFX institute in Ghaziabad.  Contact us to stay informed about our recent programs and embark on a fulfilling journey of creativity and success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some of the few industry specific software modules covered?

Some of the most widely used software modules covered in this course include Nuke, Mocha, Fusin, Adobe premiere and Adobe after Effects.

A few career options in VFX that stands out in the other industry specific courses?

Some of the high paying career options include: Compositor, Roto artist, Video artist and Motion graphics artist.

After completion of course, what industry specific skills one can expect to master?

These are the list of some industry specific skills that one can expect post the completion of the course: Basics of filmmaking, Camera tracking, Motion graphics, 3D camera projection, layer based compositing among others.